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About Us

We are Media for a new earth founded on 3 principles

IN-FORM: Information that heals the critical thinker

CONNECT: Community that stands (together) for freedom

ACT: Community in forward motion toward sovereignty + health.

And the 369 Principles that hold the key to the Universe.


Why You Should Join Us

We provide a safe, non bias, non dogmatic space for seekers to find their communities + sew  sovereignty into them  together with the power in numbers. The ultimate goal is to reclaim our fictions through tangible, practical and expert tools + evolve this page into a sovereign community building bulletproof communities + commerce founded in common-law + Natural law. 

A Big Thanks

Thank you to every single member and warrior who has made the choice to Inform, connect + take action toward a new earth in real time. Every one of you is a brick in the house that Freedom built + we will never fall if we all continue to stand. 

We are a page for a new way of being in the world. We dont take that lightly. We will always remain transparent about the site's administrators + if/when we monetize any Notices or content, you will be advised. If we partner with products business or services, they have been vetted for months prior to sharing + pass stringent tests of efficacy and ethics and will always reflect the outcome of this page: Sovereignty, Community + Lawfulness + the Land. 


This webpage does not constitute a PUBLIC offering nor is this venue intended for consumption by Military Officers, the General-Public, Statutory Public Officers, BAR Members or Commercial Merchants. 

if you have not been referred here from an existing Member, signed up as a member of our free private community or purchased our course and have found this private digital-venue in error, please exit now.

The On Notice Course is an autonomous private space of men and women in their private capacities united privately to meet common goals as ‘a part of’: an autocratic body which allows an exclusive jurisdiction away from Corporate assumptions & Admiralty presumptions.

As a foundational private entity that is absent of Admiralty jurisdictional presumptions, we are a private company with a mission to empower men and women to take charge of their property via lawful avenues. 

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